USA Visa

USA Visa Requirements For Bangladeshi

Visa Processing Fee BDT 4900/-

Basic Documents:

  1. Passport.
  2. NID.
  3. Visiting Card.
  4. Parents Date of Birth.
  5. Spouse Date of Birth.
  6. Last Educational Background (University Name, Address, Starting Date and Passing Year).
  7. Travel History (just Only Country Name).

For USA Interview: 

  1. Original All Passport.
  2. NID.
  3. Visiting.
  4. Bank Statement & Solvency. 
  5. For business person Company Statement & Solvency, Personal Bank Statement & Solvency Last 6 Month.
  6. For Job Person Salary Statement & Solvency and Personal Bank Statement & Solvency Last 6 Months (if have).
  7. Appointment Confirmation.
  8. Online Application Submission Confirmation.

Relative Invitation From USA: 

  1. Passport Copy.
  2. Invitation Letter.
  3. House Address with Prove of Statement ( Gas Bill Copy or Electricity Bill Copy or Bank Statement Copy).
  4. Email ID.
  5. Phone Number.


  • Visa Processing Fee Non-refundable.
  • Visa rate can be changed without prior notice.
  • Visa issuance rights reserved by the Embassy.


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